What a beautiful day!

Good Afternoon! What are your plans today? Why not make a trip to the beautiful Red River Gorge!? It’s the perfect day for hiking & rock climbing. Tomorrow is going to be even more awesome! We have one more cabin left available for this evening if you’re looking for a place to stay overnight so you can get up tomorrow morning and go exploring again. Call our office for details! Check out our live cam for a peek at the weather! 🙂
This article that I found explains the Red River Gorge & Natural Bridge area in a wonderful way. It’s certainly a nice read and describes the Gorge beautifully. I highly recommend taking time of your day to check it out! I’m so glad I found it! For people who have never been to this area, it gives a great sense of what it’s like. I’m definitely proud to call this place home.
The area is hopping today with loads of people, and who can blame them? If you’re in the area or plan to head this way, be sure to stop by our office and also the Wild Things of Kentucky! Both locations are open until 8:00 PM this evening! I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have and Wild Things has something fun for everyone! Stop by and say hello!
Enjoy this magnificent day!
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