Summer’s almost gone…

   We were in full swing here at 5 Star Cabin Rentals this past weekend. It has been one of the busiest summers we’ve seen in awhile at Red River Gorge. The cabins and campgrounds alike have stayed booked up during summer break. We had the pleasure of meeting guests from all over the world, including Germany. That’s one of my favorite things about working/living in this area, the wonderful people we meet on a daily basis. The old saying is true, you learn something new everyday!

     Even though summer is coming to an end soon, don’t forget about the most loved season, fall! The Red River Gorge & Natural Bridge area are at their peak during October. If you have not had the pleasure of experiencing  the area during this time, I urge you to start making plans now. It’s one of the most stunning sights you’ll ever see. We have cabins that offer amazing views to catch a glimpse of natures beauty, but they’re starting to book up fast for the fall season. If you’re wanting to visit during fall break, give us a call today and reserve a cabin so you’re sure to get the one of your choosing.

Have a wonderful day all!

5 Star Cabin Rentals